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Weight Loss Programs

Help Your Body Find Its Momentum, Naturally


Designed to tackle all facets of health and nutrition, our holistic, non-invasive weight loss programs are centered on the body, mind and spirit to help you get back to the best version of you. We partner with you as we explore barriers outside of harsh diets or exercise that may be in the way of your weight-loss. Our goal is to help your body find its momentum as you strive to reach your own goals - here to coach, guide and be your biggest cheerleader, we’re with you every step of the way. 

For six weeks, your customized plan will include the following elements to help you not only reach your goals, but also maintain them: 

Light Therapy - We’ll use LED light technology to help naturally slim, shape and tone areas - such as the waist, hips, thighs and upper arms. Its unique wavelength of light stimulates fat cells to release some of their contents, which is then easily metabolized or eliminated by the body. By using unique light energy in the 635nm and 880 nm wavelengths, fatty acids are released from the cells and with the appropriate protocol flushed from your system.  There are some best practices associated with this portion to ensure optimal results, but nothing we can't work through together. 

This technology is non-invasive, safe, painless, affordable and doesn’t require any downtime. 

BrainTap Guided Meditations - Over the six weeks, you’ll take advantage of the BrainTap Weight Loss Program. Using light and sound, BrainTap is a 10-20 minute guided meditation that promotes brain balance naturally and to drive optimal health. 

Learn more about BrainTap and how we use it at our offices here

Nutritional Program - Rounding out the program is one of the following accompanying six week nutrition plans. Both plans are centered around mindful eating and include various supplements to help:

Our Repair & Clear Program is recommended for those looking for a full detox focused on repairing and restoring their gut health. 

Our VitaminMed Program is recommended if you’re looking for a program to support your weight loss goals. Focused on decreasing inflammation and complete with a recipe book, this program is great if you’re looking to learn how to support your goals from your own kitchen. 

Still have questions? Check out our Weight Loss FAQs or see our Best Practices