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Stress Relief Services in Placentia CA: BrainTap & SolaJet Massage

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Stress is the most pervasive malady of our time; indeed it has been labeled as the "silent killer."  This is because stress releases cortisol, a survival hormone that serves us well in the "Fight or Flight" response but when daily doses of cortisol become excessive it can be dangerous and debilitating leading to anxiety and depression, heart disease, dementia and cancer.  It can also be the reason people cannot lose weight, fall or stay asleep, and experience adrenal fatigue, lowered immune system, high blood pressure, and lack of blood sugar regulation/insulin resistance. Often times people don't recognize the symptoms of stress and how harmful it can be until it's too late.

One of the ways we approach treating stress is through Brain-Based Wellness.  There are four primary brain wave frequencies.  The first one I'll mention is Beta, it is our normal state of alertness, it is what we're in when we are thinking, and performing tasks that require conscious attention like driving a car, reading a manual, or working on the computer.  It is the only brain wave frequency that allows fear, anger, frustration, or negative thinking- we call it the "reactionary mind."  This is the frequency of STRESS. when we have high levels of beta waves, it represses the normal functions of the other waves that allow us to wind down, relax, and be joyful and creative.  

The second brain wave is Alpha, it is our "intuitive mind,"  in alpha mode we are in a state of relaxation or light meditation.  It is associated with quiet time like when we are in prayer or even doing tasks like painting a picture, gardening or sitting by the ocean.  The wavelength is where we can begin to undo stress. Alpha waves then flow into the next set of waves...

Theta waves, this is our "inventive mind" it can actually help you solve problems, change behaviors and tap into your greatest potential.  Someone who masters the art of meditation is able to get into this deep meditative state. This is part of what the mindfulness movement is about.  

The brain needs to go through these different brain wave states to be balanced and to work properly.  The problem today is that most people are stuck in beta mode and have trained themselves to deal with stress with their reactionary minds alone. In other words, they are reacting to life instead of living it. 

The fourth main brain wave is Delta, you may be familiar with this one it is our  "Deep Sleep" state, and it is crucial for repairing, rebuilding, renewing, and detoxifying our brain.  A healthy sleep cycle ensures that we cycle through alpha, theta, and delta at least four times a night.  If you're predominant brain wave is beta, this is not happening for you.  You need to balance your through Brain-Based Wellness. There are a few ways that we know for certain will help a brain get back to harmony, reboot, and re-energize, they are a regimen of meditation, regular chiropractic adjustments, deep breathing, exercise, and proper nutrition. 

Perhaps you don't want to spend years of training to master meditation, the good news is we use a state-of-the-art technology called BrainTap.  You simply lie back, and close your eyes while wearing the comfortable headset that has the precise frequencies of light and sound waves to retrain the brain to flow into alpha and theta brainwaves, there is even a program to train you to achieve delta, deep sleep waves.  

You’ll be guided through a 10-20 minute program. Gently and naturally the program will take you through a broad range of brainwave patterns helping to restore balance to your nervous system and to encourage optimal function of the mind and body. 

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