Stress Relief

Stress Relief Services: BrainTap & SolaJet Massage


Relax & Reboot with BrainTap

Dealing with stress, anxiety or difficulty sleeping? These are just a few of the scenarios BrainTap looks to help address with its program of guided meditations focused on restoring your brain’s balance and getting you back to your best state of mind.

Using the BrainTap headset, through a combination of sound and light, you’ll be guided through a 10-20 minute program. Gently and naturally the program will take you through a broad range of brainwave patterns helping to restore balance to your nervous system and to encourage optimal function of the mind and body. 

Unlock your full potential with one of over 700 programs we feature at our office. Some of our favorites include: Stress, Sleep Rx, Weight Loss, Sports Performance, Optimal Health, Kids & Learning. 

To learn more about the Science Behind BrainTap and its founder, Dr. Patrick K. Porter, check out


Relax & Unwind with a Massage

Designed with the goal to create the very best massage experience, the SolaJet DRYWAVE Massage system delivers that of a deep tissue massage using powerful, soothing jets of warm water within a self-contained environment. 

Perfect before an adjustment or just as ongoing "you-time", the SolaJet DRYWAVE Massage is a great way to improve tissue health, flush toxins and reduce pain or soreness. You know you’re just one massage away from a good mood - and if you’re interested in the science behind why Chiropractors love them too, check out our FAQs.

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