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Conditions Treated By Our Chiropractor in Placentia

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    At Momentum Health and Wellness Institute, we employ a comprehensive approach to treat various conditions. Dr. Julie Stewart has been adjusting patients for over 23 years, using highly skilled, detailed spinal adjustments, therapeutic exercises,  and expert guidance. Through skillful spinal adjustments, she aims to correct spinal misalignments, correct posture, reduce pressure on nerves, and enhance the body's natural healing abilities.

 Dr. Julie develops personalized care plans for patients, which focus on 3 phases of spinal correction. 

Phase 1: Mobility. Reducing painful movements by restoring the range of motion and preserving the integrity of the joint.

Phase 2: Flexibility. Increasing the ability of muscles to move through a full range of motion without restrictions or discomfort. 

Phase 3: Stability. Increasing confidence to move pain-free through targeted strengthening, reducing risk of injury and future                                                                                       arthritic changes.   

Additionally, Dr. Julie incorporates therapeutic exercise into her treatment plans to strengthen supporting muscles, improve flexibility and promote long-term stability. Her compassionate approach, combined with her extensive knowledge of chiropractic care, allows her to personalize treatments that help patients regain optimal health and wellness. At Momentum Health & Wellness Institute, we strive to create a positive and healing experience for every patient who walks through our doors.

Our Placentia Chiropractor Can Treat These Conditions

   The root causes of most musculoskeletal discomfort around the body lie within the spine. When the spine is misaligned (a condition called a subluxation), the vertebrae place undue pressure on the intervertebral discs and the nerves passing out from the spinal cord to the rest of the body. Subluxations can interfere with the proper functioning of the nervous system, disrupting the normal communication between the brain, and the body, and results in postural changes. This can impact various bodily systems and functions, including immune function, digestion, hormonal regulation, and overall vitality.  Fortunately, the symptoms respond very well to the specialized, expert chiropractic care from Dr. Julie Stewart, along with her therapeutic exercise plan.

Arm Pain

Injuries, poor ergonomics, and posture problems can pinch nerves in the neck responsible for the movement and sensation in the arms. Most arm pain conditions respond well to chiropractic treatment.


Chiropractic care successfully relieves the joint pain of osteoarthritis by restoring proper body mechanics; it can also provide successful pain management for those suffering from rheumatoid arthritis.

Back Pain

This is the most common reason patients come to see our Irvine chiropractor; chiropractic care is a very successful treatment method for the underlying causes of back pain and provides lasting relief from the symptoms.

Bulging Disc

When intervertebral discs bulge so they are not flush with the corresponding vertebrae, they may start to pinch nerves. Chiropractic care successfully and non-invasively treats bulging discs, so it is important to treat these before they become herniated discs.

Car Accident Injuries

At Momentum Health & Wellness Institute we understand the unique challenges that auto accident victims face. Our highly skilled and compassionate chiropractor, Dr. Julie Stewart provides targeted care for those that have suffered injuries due to motor vehicle accidents. With years of experience and a deep understanding of the musculoskeletal system, our Placentia chiropractor is here to guide you every step of the way to a pain-free life.  If you have been in a car accident, please visit Dr. Stewart as soon as possible. Prompt chiropractic care can provide immediate relief and prevent injuries from getting worse.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Numbness, tingling, pain and weakness in the wrist and hands, sometimes stretching up into the forearm, is debilitating and can have a number of underlying causes. Fortunately, our Placentia chiropractor can non-surgically correct and alleviate these causes to provide lasting, natural relief of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Daily Injuries

Every minute of every day, someone trips, falls, twists the wrong way, lifts something without using their knees, can’t get up out of bed after sleeping on a saggy mattress all night—you name it. No matter how silly the injury seems, a visit with Placentia's Momentum Health & Wellness Institute can provide natural, effective pain relief so you can heal.

Digestive Problems

Your gastrointestinal system relies on timely signals from the brain so you can digest your food optimally. Pinched nerves in certain areas of the spine, however, can disrupt these important signals, causing everything from gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), heartburn and acid reflux to constipation, gas, and bloating. Dr. Stewart can help you feel better.

Disc Injury

The intervertebral discs between each of your vertebrae perform an important shock-absorbing service allowing nerves to travel from your spinal cord to other areas of your body. A disc injury not only hurts, but it also interrupts important signals from these nerves that cause more dysfunction throughout the body. Regardless of the cause of your disc injury, Dr. Stewart's chiropractic techniques can provide relief.

Ear Infections

Frequent bouts of acute otitis media make many children struggle with hearing, speech, development and just getting a good night’s sleep. Ear infections can also afflict adults. If your or a loved one has struggled with ear pain in Placentia, chiropractic care provides a lasting, drug-free solution that is gentle and effective for patients of all ages.

Ergonomics & Posture

Often, our working or living environments are not optimally arranged to help us avoid pain. You hang your head for hours over your mobile device, you may sit in a chair that doesn’t support your lumbar spine, your mattress may be too hard, etc. Our chiropractor can evaluate how your work and life habits impact your posture and help you come up with ergonomic solutions that will save you a lot of suffering now and in the future.

Frozen Shoulder

Otherwise known as adhesive capsulitis, frozen shoulder can severely limit your shoulder’s range of motion and ability to perform daily activities. Our chiropractor has successfully treated many cases of frozen shoulder with a combination of chiropractic care and complementary therapies.

Herniated Disc

When the tough outer membrane of a bulging disc splits open, the jelly-like nucleus can extrude out, pressing painfully on nearby nerves. Our chiropractor can provide successful non-surgical treatment for many cases of herniated discs.


Our chiropractor relieves headaches by treating subluxations and soft tissue strains in the neck.

Lower Back Pain

The lumbar spine bears a great deal of daily stress; subluxations here can cause debilitating discomfort. Dr. Julie diagnoses and treats the causes of lower back pain.

Menstrual Pain

Many of the nerves responsible for balancing the female reproductive system travel through the lower back vertebrae; if those are out of alignment, this can increase the severity of PMS symptoms. Chiropractic care provides noticeable and welcome relief.


Migraines respond very well to a combination of chiropractic care to release pinched nerves as well as lifestyle adjustments that help people avoid their migraine triggers.

Neck Pain

Excessive forward head posture (slouching at your computer desk), car accidents or sleeping on the wrong pillow all cause subluxations and soft tissue strains in the neck. Our chiropractor can help.

Numbness & Tingling

One of the primary effects of subluxations in the spine is pinched nerves. The most common symptoms of pinched nerves include numbness and tingling as well as pain and weakness in areas affected by the nerves.

Pinched Nerve

When vertebrae are out of alignment, they press on the intervertebral discs, which can then place too much pressure on nerves exiting the spinal cord. By correcting these misalignments, Dr. Julie can relieve pinched nerves.


Usually diagnosed during early adolescence, this abnormal S or C curve of the spine can cause back pain and other related problems in adulthood. Our Placentia chiropractor knows this from personal experience and is eager to help young people correct their posture now, while their spines are still growing. Even adults with scoliosis can still receive a great deal of relief from scoliosis-related pain from chiropractor today.


Pain shooting from the lower back, down the buttocks and into the legs are a collection of symptoms called sciatica, and they indicate a pinched sciatic nerve. Sciatica responds well to chiropractic care.

Sinus Problems

Frequent sinus infections and allergies also respond very well to chiropractic care. Spinal adjustments with Dr. Julie Stewart can alleviate pinched nerves that are responsible for modulating the immune response so that it does not overreact to harmless things in the environment like pollen, pet dander and dust. This keeps your sinuses clearer.

Shoulder Pain

This hard-working, wide-ranging joint can easily get injured or suffer the effects of a spinal misalignment. Chiropractic care successfully provides relief for frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis) and other forms of shoulder pain.


Stiffness can afflict many areas of your body, including the neck, back, and joints. Our Placentia chiropractor is very successful at helping patients regain more flexibility and a broader range of motion, whether the stiffness was caused by poor posture, injury, or arthritis.


If you’re in pain for one reason or another, stress mounts. Stress mounts and can then, in turn, cause actual physical pain and illness. It’s a vicious cycle. When your spine is properly aligned and your nervous system is functioning correctly and you’re not in pain, your stress levels drop.

Tech Neck

Tech neck is hurting more and more people (including children) who spend a lot of time with their heads hanging down over their mobile devices. From neck pain and stiffness to headaches and upper back pain (and more), this posture problem can be corrected with treatment and ergonomics counseling from Momentum Health & Wellness Institute in Placentia. 

TMJ Treatment

The temporomandibular joint disorder is characterized by jaw pain, stiffness, locking, and popping that makes eating, talking and even sleeping difficult. TMJ responds well to a combination of therapies we provide at Momentum Health & Wellness Institute.