Placentia Chiropractor Can Help Kids and Adults with ADHD

A growing body of research shows positive outcomes for both children and adults using chiropractic care for Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), a complex neurological condition that nearly 10 percent of children aged 4 to 17 (and at least 4 percent of adults) struggle with every day. These struggles include being unable to concentrate, impulsivity and hyperactivity. This collection of symptoms can really make it hard to excel in school or work, can cause safety issues and can hurt relationships, which can lead to depression and anxiety as well. Placentia chiropractor Dr. Julie Stewart and his associate doctors successfully help many children and adults overcome these symptoms and take control of their lives through natural, drug-free, non-invasive chiropractic treatment.

Chiropractic Care for ADHD: A Viable Alternative to Medication

The origins of ADHD are still somewhat shrouded in mystery, but genetic, environmental and neurological issues all come into play. And although medications for ADHD are the most common forms of treatment, they are also the most problematic, especially in children. Doctors and parents often spend months to years trying to find the right dosage to help a child settle down; all while children go from struggling with the ADHD consequences to struggling with the side effects from the medications. This is why we urge families who have an ADHD member to try chiropractic care. It directly addresses the neurological factors of the disorder while our chiropractor also helps families find lifestyle adjustments that can positively impact the environmental factors.

Our chiropractors are extremely experienced in using gentle chiropractic techniques to help children with ADHD. In many cases, he finds these children suffer from subluxations that cause significant overstimulation in the brain, which leads to the classic symptoms. Gently realigning the spine helps calm the nervous system, thereby calming the ADHD symptoms. The same is true for adults who suffer with ADHD—correcting the root imbalances within the nervous system can naturally help you focus, remain calm and excel at whatever your life’s goals are.

In addition to balancing the nervous system through chiropractic care, our chiropractor may also recommend therapeutic exercise and adjustments to sleep and dietary habits to provide further symptom relief and improve the overall quality of life.